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Serenity Shelf

Serenity Shelf

Much delayed update on Serenity Shelf:  This needle felted work was exhibited in the 2015 PA Art of the State show last summer.

Taking & Being

Taking and Being, numbers 7 & 9, are the last two tenets I must complete to finish the Serenity Shelf.  Work will commence this third week of June 2014.

The start of this tenet was first posted with two others on Oct 1, 2013. Since then, 90 additional hours have been put into this difficult piece. Truly, I wrestled with this one, mostly the trusting and surrendering. It is now my favorite. I have two more tenets to complete to finally finish the full Serenity Shelf.

Honoring IKE

These many, many months have taken TONS of courage. I shall, however, with all my processing of this ponderous grief, start to post again. Through it all, I have been working on the Serenity Shelf—through all the pain of the loss of My Light. My Life. My Ike. Tears . . . whatever can I say? The Trusting / Surrender tenet has taken more time than I ever could have imagined. I continue to jab away at it, for it has become my current pet tenet. I am honoring all the time that this work takes. Honoring Ike.