Visit my website to see the process of making bronze, clay and felt sculpture: terihay.com

Artist Statement – Biography – This Blog

It is said that the quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. My work is a delight to me, and hopefully it will touch others in this way too. This need to make things is a gift given to me, and my responsibility is to return that gift by creating objects. By doing so I strive to bridge the sacred and secular, perhaps by bringing joy with something as simple and rich as a smile and a laugh to others.

Heads in bronze, clay and felt formed the basis of a major body of work consisting of 36 pieces, which took five years to complete. The website, terihay.com, highlights that massive effort. This blog illustrates that body of work, other older work, and chronicles the process of moving past that into other work. The slow deliberate nature of the work slowly unfolds my life seasons.

I have embraced a life around being a wife, mother, and public school art teacher. As central as that is, and has been, my focus returns to making art. This season in life allows that, and the art making and the artwork unfold my thoughts and allow them to catch up with my everyday.


 The arts are the salt and spice that flavor our world and takes everyday living from bearable, to awe inspired and joyful; and changes spaces and places of monotony into colorful and sacred sanctuaries that catch our breaths.

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