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Accepting Hardship - NOT!

Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace. This is the flip side to “accepting” and there are lessons in all sides.


Accepting Hardship

Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace; certainly easier said than done. See three posts down and how this little figure fits into the overall serenity prayer shelf piece.

Serenity Shelf Progress

About 150 hours of work have been logged in the making of this piece to this point. About another 75 hours will be added to complete this. (Now, eight months later, and already 90 additional hours were put into the 8th tenet: Trusting Surrender, which is needs to be placed in the correct shelf, the 8th of 9.)

Serenity and Courage

Work on the tenets, Serenity & Courage. Each piece will have sequins/beads stitched into the figure, as well as a lid of some sort. As serious as the concepts are, whimsey and joy are part of the nature of each piece.