Monthly Archives: August 2013

Fulling needs help

The goal of wet felting completely encapsulating the structural plastic canvas was not fully (no pun intended) successful. Hours and hours were added with felting needles and then the piece was wet felted again.


The sides/back of the shelf is fulled with hot soapy water. The goal is that the fleece will felt between the plastic canvas grid for structure. The towel serves to distribute pressure evenly to prevent bald spots in the felt.

Prayer Shelf - continue divider construction

Shelf divider is collapsed with screening between the fleece to prevent fulling into one solid mass. Entire component is basted together with embroidery thread. The fleece below this is the back and sides of the shelf before it is basted to screening in preparation for the fulling process.

Prayer Shelf - process

Posts after this will illustrate the full, slow process of this work. These first two posts show the genesis (last post), and then 6 months later (this post) – image taken in June 2013. The idea is to work through the concept of two sides of the nine tenets of the Serenity Prayer.